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Resolutions for the New Year

December 31, 2008

Happy New Years everyone! As we ring out the old and bring on the new, it’s a good time to think about how last year went and what you’d like to see happen this year. Common New Year’s Resolutions include doing things that improve one’s lifestyle, such as losing weight or to stop smoking, but you can make resolutions for just about anything you’d like to see change. Of course, everyday is a good day to think about what you can do to make your life a happier one, but something about a new year makes many of us feel like we have a fresh start.

Some people make long lists of their New Year’s resolutions, others might just focus on one or two things they’d like to see change. Others know they will forget about their resolutions in a few days and don’t even bother making them in the first place!

If you’re the resolution making type, here’s a few tips to help you achieve them:

1. Don’t make too many, or you’ll likely get overwhelmed and discouraged.

2. Plan ways to carry the resolution out. Without a plan or ideas on how to go about carrying out your New Year’s resolution, its very likely you will give up or forget about it.

3. Identify WHY that resolution is important to you. The more you know why you want something, the more it will help you stay motivated.

4. Look at last year: While dwelling in the past isn’t a good thing, it doesn’t hurt to look back and see what mistakes were made and how you can avoid making the same ones again this year.

5. Make them specific: Let’s say you want to lose weight. Rather than being generic with “losing weight”, you might want to aim for something specific such as “I will cut out sugar” or “I will exercise every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday”. The more specific the goal, the more likely you’ll be able to carry it out.

6. Be prepared for failure: Not to be pessimistic, but its likely you won’t be perfect in achieving your resolutions. Instead of giving up completely, start right back where you left off before the slip-up.

Are you making any resolutions this year? Have any tips to share in keeping them? Share them in the comments below!



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