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Gifts for Your Wife: Remember the “E” Word

December 22, 2008

This is a guest post by Damien Riley

To be appreciated by your wife during gift giving season, it could be Christmas, a birthday, anniversary, you name it, you need to have a key ingredient which I will explain today.  All of us guys have at one point or another come up way short on the gift we chose.  There is nothing worse that spending time in lines to get something she’ll never enjoy.  At the same time, a wife is likely to appreciate a lousy gift that you spent a lot of time searching for over one you spent very little time on.  Usually, this is quite obvious to her.

The key ingredient guys is “effort.”  In my experience, my wife appreciates a gift she knows I started looking for and acquiring early based on an intrinsic idea about what she wanted.  She will usually know if I went out to Rite-Aid at midnight to get her a marked-down music box or something.  And of course, you never want to get in the doghouse by purchasing her something completely suicidal like a vaccuum cleaner.

Case in point: Jewelry is something most women adore as a gift.  Easy fix right?  Well, that’s the tragic mistake most men make.  Before buying jewelry a man needs to think about the kind of effort the piece will represent.  Will she know you had your secretary go buy it for her on her lunch break?  Will she know you got it on a Gottschalk’s 1/2 price table at the downtown mall?  Do the stones and their arrangement have any special significance that you “looked for” with “effort?”  If not, you will find you spent your money for nothing and she will probably not even wear it.  For sure, it will have no meaning for you guys as you continue your journey together.

My example is only from jewelry.  You might find that a tiny ninety-nine cent rose from a gas station is received with a romantic kiss and embrace, provided it was something you pulled over on an icy road while rushing home to get for her.  Again, the gift matters not guys.  It is all about the “E” word. It may be too late to put that kind of effort into Christmas at this point but remember to set your task reminders for each holiday way ahead so you can not only select the perfect gift but then put forth the visible effort that will show you really love her and care enough to work for her.  It all boils down to this: your wife wants to know that she is on your mind.

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I’m a teacher and songwriter in California. It's always a pleasure writing for It Might be Love. I married my wife in 2002 and we have 3 kids. You can read more about me at my Google profile here. Get updates on Twitter and on my blog.

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