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How to Tell if a Guy is Attracted to You

November 3, 2008

Is he flirting? Shy? Just being polite? How to tell if a guy is attracted to you? It’s one of the first questions that pops into your mind when you first meet someone new and think of them as a potential date interest.

Before I continue with this post it’s worth mentioning that not all guys are alike and the signals that a guy likes you may not all be the same. Some guys might be a little shy or a little more outgoing than others. I’ve known guys who would hug and seemingly flirt with every girl they met – but not actually attracted to any of them. On the same note, I’ve seen guys painfully hide their attraction to a girl in fear of rejection or a jealous boyfriend getting the wrong idea. Nevertheless, there are typically a few “standard” ways on how to tell if a guy is attracted to you.

Here are some signs on how to tell if a guy is attracted to you:

Eye Contact: Eye contact can be tricky sometimes. If he’s completely engaged in conversation with you and maintains constant eye contact, there’s a good chance he is interested in you. But on the same token, some guys are just very friendly. But 9 out of 10 guys you can probably count on constant eye contact meaning they at least want to be good friends with you. Then there’s also the common game of “eye tag” where your eyes meet and then he quickly looks away only to look back at you again. If this goes on a few times over the course of the night, it’s a good possibility he might just be shy or nervous, but does possibly have an interest in you.

Trying to Impress You: If a guy seems like he is trying to give you a good impression, it’s a good chance that he might be attracted to you – otherwise why would he care what you think of him? This isn’t the case all of the time, but there’s a pretty good chance that if he’s going out of his way to make a good impression it means he could be attracted to you. If in doubt, see how he acts around you in various settings and situations.

Nervousness: If you’re out with a group of people and it seems like he is nervous, even if he’s surrounded by some of his closest friends there’s a good possibility that he might be interested in somebody. If he’s fidgeting, or stumbling over what he is saying, it could be a signal that he likes you.

He Uses Your Name A Lot: You can sometimes tell that a guy likes you if he uses your name a lot. He might be talking about you to others or in conversation repeatedly uses your name when others typically wouldn’t. It could be a subconscious sign that he’s thinking about you. (Unless you notice he is just one of those “name people” and says everybody’s name at the beginning or end of every sentence)

He Calls You: Guys typically won’t waste their time calling a girl they don’t like, even if she happens to have the magic secret recipe to make a million dollars in a hour. They might have an excuse – but if they stay on the phone with you longer past the “reason” he called, its a good chance he’s very interested. If it’s strictly business on the phone, there’s a good chance it’s just for whatever reason it was – but if he calls again it might be that he was just too nervous the first time.

Body Language Signals: There are several body language signals that a guy likes you. He might casually touch you and not immediately knee jerk away (such as if your legs bump underneath a table) or he may pat you on the back or ask for high fives excessively. You’ll also notice he might turn himself directly towards you or mirror your own body language.

His Friends: Sometimes a guy’s friends will be able to clue you in that he might be attracted to you. They might make some jokes or comments or maybe all coincidentally make it so that you and him are always seated beside one another. OR if someone does take a seat next to you they might make a big deal of getting you or that person to move. I don’t really know if guys do this intentionally or not, but if his friends suddenly start acting strange, it could be that they already know he likes you.

Obviously, all guys are different, and not all have the same way of expressing whether they like a girl or not. This research has been done by me in several settings where I knew a certain guy liked a certain girl and these were the signals I picked up on. Trust your instincts and if you think he might like you, the worst that could happen is you can is start dropping subtle little hints or make time to start seeing more of each other to see if a friendship and possibly a relationship later may develop.

What do you think? Do you have any sure-fire ways how to tell if a guy is attracted to you? Share them in the comments below

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