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The Qualities of a Good Friend

October 23, 2008

If you’ve been lucky enough to have a few good friends, then you probably could describe the qualities of a good friend just by saying different things about the friends you have.

It would seem with billions of people in the world, meeting people that have the qualities of a good friend shouldn’t be that hard. And yet, for many of us finding that friend in of itself is a challenge – and continuing that friendship over the years and trials of life for many just isn’t possible. There have been times in my life I had so many friends I couldn’t fit them all together in a giant room – and other times I could count all of  my friends on one hand and still have fingers left over.

I did some thinking about what really makes a good friend and what characteristics they have. I thought back on the past friends I’ve had and presently have – how they treated me, how I treated them – why we are still friends today or why our friendship has changed or dissolved.

All of this thinking had led me to create this list of the qualities of a good friend.

A good friend is honest and trustworthy

A good friend lets you be yourself and doesn’t try to change you or change to be liked by you

A good friend shows they care

A good friend never would let you do something that would hurt you

A good friend calls you just to say hi or see how you are

A good friend is genuinely interested and involved in your life

A good friend can tell if you’re happy or not happy without you saying a word

A good friend sticks with you through the terrible-horrible parts of life

A good friend makes time for you even if they don’t have a lot of time

A good friend has enough dirt on you to blackmail you for life – but keeps his or her mouth shut

A good friend can forgive you when you make a mistake or screw up

A good friend never takes more from you than they can give back

A good friend is respectful towards you and every other person in your life, whether they like them or not

These are just some of my thoughts on what makes a good friend based from my own experiences. What qualities do you think make a good friend? Do you have many of these friends or just a close few?

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