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Heart and Love Tattoos

October 20, 2008

Heart and love tattoos have always been popular. Even for singles or people who are not in long term committed relationships, a tattoo that shows a heart or symbolizes love can still be a nice tattoo design choice. Just remember that tattoos are permanent – so writing things like names, initials, and other type of declating love tattoos is typically not recommended, since no one knows how long relationships will actually last or if your feelings will ever change.

If you are afraid of permanent tattoos, you could always have fun using a  kit for making your own temporary tattoos without any worry that you’ll be stuck with the tattoos forever. It could also be a sweet romantic gift to give someone personalized temporary tattoos.

Some of the best inspiration for tattoo designs can actually come from Photoshop Brushes – even if you do not have photoshop there are plenty of free brush sites that showcase the different styles of designs.

Here are a few Photoshop Brush designs I think would make excellent heart and love tattoos:

This photoshop brush design has one big heart surrounded by smaller hearts, and a decorative flower. It would be perfect for an arm or ankle type of design.

This is another tattoo design that has a romantic flair with a heart an decorative flowers to accent.

These hearts photoshop brushes also have a lot of good potential for tattoo designs.

Unfortunately I don’t remember where these brushes came from, so if you recognize where I might have gotten them please let me know so I can credit the appropriate creator of these designs!

A few other good design ideas for heart and love tattoos could be decorative keys (the keys to your heart), two hearts intertwined, hands holding a heart, and of course there are many other celtic heart designs, chinese love symbols, and others that could be used for love and heart tattoos.

There are also some really great designs for tattoos at this site that are definitely worth checking out for inspiration!

Do you have a tattoo that symbolizes love? Share yours in the comments below.

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