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Romantic Words of Love

October 15, 2008

Today I learned about an awesome way to express some romantic words of love and so of course I had to share it with all of my It Might Be Love Readers.

This idea for romantic words of love is not so much the words you pick, but the way they are displayed – and could easily become a quick and easy (not to mention free!) little romantic gift you could give someone – especially if they are a blogger and/or love tag clouds!

I am talking about Wordles – available at Basically you copy and paste some text or use a web page address and you get some really neat looking displays of the words. You could use this for just about anything you wanted, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use this as a way to express a few romantic words of love easily!

Below I’ve showcased a couple that I quickly and easily came up. If you click on the picture it will take you straight to the gallery image which you may even use for your own personal use if you’re really in a hurry for some quick romance!

Cure Love Song Wordle

I made this grouping of romantic words of love by copying and pasting the lyrics of the Cure’s Love Song. I did take out the word alone though, it wouldn’t make any sense out of the context of the song!

Love Footprint Cloud Wordle

This picture of romantic words of love was made using a few famous romantic love quotes. I called it a Love footprint cloud because it kind of reminded me of a footprint … or a cloud floating above love…

I could easily waste a lot of time coming up with romantic words of love wordles for you all…but instead you should head over to and make your own! It is easy to do – you can copy and paste as I did or even just enter your own favorite keywords.

Once you create your romantic wordles of love, the possibilities are really endless. You can email it to someone to brighten their day, or print it out and leave it somewhere for them to see! You could even frame it or have it made into a t-shirt or something else.

Want to share your romantic words of love (or other) wordle? I’d love to see it! And special thanks to Josh for introducing the novelty of the wordle to me on his Marketing Blog!

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