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Chinese Love Horoscope

October 9, 2008

Have you ever wondered about what your Chinese love horoscope may say about you and your relationships? While horoscopes are mostly for entertainment purposes only, learning about Chinese love horoscope compatibility can still help improve and add value to your relationships. While I was thinking today about romantic compatibility today, I thought it might be fun to share with you some Chinese astrology and explain what a Chinese love horoscope is.

Chinese astrology bases most of its predictions and insight based on the year you were born and assigns an animal to each year. To learn what your chinese love horoscope compatibility is, all you need to know is the year you and the other person were born in.

Below you will see how to find out what your Chinese love horoscope sign is according to the year you were born:

If you were born in: 1936, 1948,1960,1972, 1984, or 1996….Your sign is the RAT

If you were born in: 1935, 1947,1959,1971, 1983, or 1995….Your sign in the PIG

If you were born in: 1934, 1946,1958,1970, 1982,  or 1994….Your sign is the DOG

If you were born in: 1933, 1945,1957,1969, 1981, or 1993….Your sign is the ROOSTER

If you were born in: 1932, 1944,1956,1968, 1980, or 1992….Your sign is the MONKEY

If you were born in: 1931, 1943,1955,1967, 1979, or 1991….Your sign is the SHEEP

If you were born in: 1930, 1942,1954,1966, 1978, or 1990….Your sign is the HORSE

If you were born in: 1929, 1941,1953,1965, 1977, or 1989….Your sign is the SNAKE

If you were born in: 1928, 1940,1952,1964, 1976, or 1988….Your sign is the DRAGON

If you were born in: 1927, 1939,1951,1963, 1975, or 1987….Your sign is the RABBIT

If you were born in: 1926, 1938,1950,1962, 1974, or 1986….Your sign is the TIGER

If you were born in: 1925, 1937,1949,1961, 1973,  or 1985….Your sign is the OX

Now that you know what your Chinese love horoscope signs are, the next thing to look at is the compatibility between each Chinese Astrology sign is.The compatibility of each sign is based on complimenting charateristic traits of each sign. Here’s a brief overview of which signs are the most compatible with each other:

Rat, Dragon, Monkey is the first group of compatible chinese horoscope love matches.The dragon is confident, the mouse timid, and the monkey thrives on the intellectual and intelligence traits of the dragon and the mouse.

Buffalo, Snake, Rooster is the second group of chinese horoscope love matches. Each of these signs are deep thinking, while the Buffalo is strong and sturdy and the snake is alert and diplomatic. The rooster likes both of these traits the buffalo and the snake possess.

Tiger, Horse, Dog is the next group of compatible Chinese astrology signs. Each of these signs love freedom and are a bit ego centered, which makes them understanding of one another.

Rabbit, Sheep, Pig are all peace loving signs and are willing to compromise for mutual happiness. They are very sympathetic, so they are compatible love matches as they can be the most understanding and supportive of each other.

Like all astrology readings, Chinese love horoscopes and love matches should be taken with a grain of salt. Afterall, I am a rooster married to a tiger…and we’re pretty happy despite our incompatibility!

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