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I Hate My Ex Girlfriend!

October 8, 2008

While I was thinking today of how many guys I know that have said to me at some point “I hate my ex girlfriend!” I wondered how do men deal with break-ups and if guys handle break ups differently than girls. I also wondered – what’s the reason they hate their ex girlfriend?

The more I thought about it, the more I think it is probably true that men deal with break-ups differently. And I also realized that most guys hate their ex girlfriend mostly because of the way she trampled on their hearts. Well, if you hate your ex girlfriend because she broke up with you – there’s really good news for you on that one – you can get back together with her. And if you want to learn how to get your ex back, then you should click here to find out more about that.

But back to how guys deal with break ups differently than girls. For starters, I think guys tend to dwell on the past a lot longer than girls. With most of my exes, I forgot about the majority of them within a month or less. I don’t have pictures of them, I don’t talk about them, I don’t think about our past at all. In some regards it is like they’ve been completely erased from my past. (Though some undoubtedly have taught me a few good lessons – like never date a guy who doesn’t have his own car)

Another thing I’ve noticed is that some of broken hearted guys tend to be obsessed with your ex girlfriend. They do things like plot revenge for their ex girlfriend, or try to get back with their girlfriend through annoying phone calls and text messages that will only drive her farther away. There is a right way to try and get your ex girlfriend back – and that’s called the >Magic of Making Up. (Read my full thoughts on that here). They’re searching for ways for real ex girlfriend payback or they’re becoming borderline stalkers. In most cases, neither of these are really healthy good for you options.

Being obsessed with your ex girlfriend is definitely NOT emotionally healthy, since it is preventing you from enjoying single life or meeting someone who mutually likes you. Instead of being obsessed with your ex girlfriend you could be having an awesome time with someone nicer, sweeter, and doesn’t do things that make you hate her! Even if you did want to get back together with her, you’re just going to drive her away more and more if you’re not careful.

Then there’s the how men communicate factor. Now some men I know actually bond very well with their other male friends. They talk about a lot of things – feelings, emotions, how much they hate their ex girlfriend. That’s good! That’s a healthy way for a guy to deal with a break-up! Sometimes guys will go out and play a highly aggressive sport to let out some steam, also a good healthy way to get over a break-up. But there are also many men who have no close friends to talk to or cry with. (That’s what girlfriends are for, after all!) And so naturally this leads to more pent up feelings and emotions, which may even explain why it takes longer for some men to get over a break up.

Anyways, if you’re one of those guys who hates your ex girlfriend, maybe my post on how to heal a mended heart can help. If you want your girlfriend back, then you need to realize you can do it – but you’ve been going about it all wrong most likely. Learn How to Get Your Ex Back Here

What are your thoughts on how do men deal with break ups? Are you a guy who has said “I Hate My Ex Girlfriend?”

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