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Romantic Picnic Ideas

September 15, 2008

Planning a romantic picnic with these romantic picnic ideas can be a great way to spend some time with person you love. The beginning of fall is one of my favorite seasons for a picnic, so I decided today I’d share with you a few romantic picnic ideas. You can have a romantic picnic just about anytime of the year – even in the middle of the winter if you have one indoors, or just make sure you wear some warm clothes! I like the fall the best for romantic picnic ideas though, since that’s when where I live the weather’s “just right” – not too hot, and not too cold.

Before you read my romantic picnic ideas, you should probably make sure you have all the basics for a picnic – a nice blanket to sit on (one with a plastic/waterproof liner like this one is a bonus) and a nice picnic basket. There’s TONS of picnic basket options – you can check out all the different styles and sizes available here. You’ll also need some tasty treats (I’m a cheese and crackers fan, but you can pack pretty much anything you and your partner both enjoy) and drinks and of course serving utensils such as cups and silverware.

Now We’ve Got The Basics Covered, Here are a few Romantic Picnic Ideas:

Starry Starry Night: How about a romantic night picnic where you can watch the stars together? Find a place where you can see the stars the best at night. In addition to picnic baskets essentials listed above, you’ll also want to have a flash light and maybe even a few candles to add to the ambiance. We have an awesome flashlight that doesn’t use batteries – you crank the handle instead, so no worries about leaving it on or batteries dying. If it’s chilly, you might want to remember to bring a sweatshirt and/or a blanket to snuggle under.

Waterfront Picnic Idea: There’s nothing more romantic than having a picnic by a lake, river, waterfall, pond or ocean. For this romantic picnic idea you may want to bring your bathing suits if it is the right weather for splashing around. Kick back and relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery together.

Picnic in the Park: This is probably the most convenient of picnic ideas, since just about everyone lives near a park. Find a spot that’s not too crowded and offers a little bit of privacy for some great conversation and picnic bonding.

A Night of Music Picnic: There are plenty of lawn concerts in most places – but if you can’t find live music to picnic to, why not bring your guitar or a portable radio and play some light music for a little added romance. Need some ideas for love songs? You might like my previous posts 100 Classic Rock Love Songs, Odd Collection of Unpopular Love Songs, and 100 More Alternative Love Songs.

City Sights Romantic Picnic: A romantic picnic doesn’t always have to be in a scenic nature setting, you can choose to have one in your favorite city location also. Have one on the steps of your favorite skyscraper, in a recreation area, or even on the roof top of a favorite building you have access to.

There’s so many great places to plan a romantic picnic. Have a romantic picnic idea you’d like to share? Feel free to leave it in a comment below.

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