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How to Make More Time For Each Other

September 5, 2008

Making time more time for each other is a problem every busy couple faces eventually. Things like work, kids, friends, relatives, and other responsibilities can make it very difficult to find time for each other. Being a couple that forgot our own anniversary certainly shows how easy it is to put a relationship on the back burner.

To help us make more time for each other and to also help you, I’ve brainstormed on some ideas below to help you make more time for each other.

Here are 7 Ways to Make More Time for Each Other:

1. Develop a Routine: Getting into a routine can be very difficult for some families, especially if school or work related activities can be unpredictable. However, if you can find a way to incorporate a routine, especially for waking up in the morning, meals, and bedtime you can hopefully find a way to schedule some time for each other within each day and week.

2. Recognize When You Need More Time For Each Other: If you need more time for each other, it’s quite possible that one partner may be oblivious to this need. If it seems like you are becoming distant or you don’t feel much connection or intimacy, it’s time to make some time for each other. Make it a priority over your other day to day responsibilities – a relationship is an important investment that is deserving of your time.

3. Jump on Opportunity: Did the kids go to bed early or go to visit their friends? Did you get out of work early? Anytime you have an opportunity to spend some time with your partner – even if it’s just 15 minutes to get coffee together in the morning, is an opportunity to bring the two of you closer to each other.

4. Examine Time Wasters and Find Time Savers: Effectively managing time can be a major challenge for many people. Take a look at your daily activities and see if there are any ways you could save time. Doing all errands together on one day of the week or grouping other similar tasks together could be one way to help you save time. You could also try time management software or creating a family calendar to make sure your time is being handled effectively.

5. Share responsibilities: It is easy for one partner to feel overburdened. Take turns doing the housework or consider changing jobs so each of you have more time to share with each other and your family. Ask yourself what things overwhelm yourself and what things overwhelm your partner and see if there are any activities you could swap.

6. Find an Activity You Both Enjoy: It’s completely normal for couples to have separate hobbies and interests. But if these are getting in the way of spending time for each other, see if there is something you both enjoy that you can do together. For us right now it’s Fantasy Football Draft Picks.

7. Make it a Habit: Try to spend at least 15 minutes everyday with your partner without distraction for the two of you to just talk and be with each other. If you get into this habit, you will find yourselves looking forward to this time alone together and feeling like you are closer together.

These are just a few ideas on how you and your partner can make more time for each other and be closer together. My hubby and I are going to try to do this so we don’t end up getting swept away in the daily hustle and bustle again.

How do you and your partner make time for each other? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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