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Oops…We Forgot Our Anniversary!

September 4, 2008
Forget-Me-Not Flower

Forget-Me-Not Flower

As a writer for a site all about Love and Relationships I am somewhat embarrassed to admit this: My husband and I both completely forgot our wedding anniversary!

It was supposed to be my job to remind him so we could do something special – but with everything going on right now, we both completely forgot. It was almost a week later when I said to him, “Hey honey, I forgot to remind you the other day it was our anniversary!”

Now, for a lot of couples, one of the partners forgetting an anniversary can be a very big deal. It can make one partner feel unappreciated or uncared for. It can make them feel insignificant compared to the rest of everything going on. Jokes about someone forgetting an anniversary are common and if you search on Google for the terms “husband forgot anniversary” you get around 14,300,000 results, many with people feeling hurt or upset over it.

Us completely forgetting our wedding anniversary though made me realize something: You shouldn’t be romantic just because you feel like you HAVE to be. There’s no rule that it says every year on the day you got married you need to go out and be wined, dined, and flowerized, is there? On most days for most couples, the marriage day is the day you promise to “love, cherish, honor and protect” EVERYDAY for the rest of your life.

And I think we’re doing very well with that part everyday. Even though we both forgot our anniversary, it didn’t mean the day was unromantic. While we were asking ourselves “How the heck could we forget?” and “What did we DO that day?” we both realized that we did have a few sweet moments that day, they just had nothing to do with our anniversary. I think because of that, it almost means so much more, since neither of us did it because it was felt to be expected of each other because “it was our anniversary”. We just happen to love each other much and no other reason is needed.

Though maybe next year I will put a reminder in my phone so we don’t forget again …

Have you ever forgotten an anniversary? What happened? OR – What are your thoughts on celebrating an anniversary?



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