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Back to School Romantic Ideas

September 1, 2008

For many parents, teachers, and students, it’s Back to School time and for Labor Day I decided it would be nice to brainstorm a few romantic gift ideas just in case your partner might be starting college courses or you happen to be dating or married to a teacher. Here are a few ideas to help you add a little romance to someone special celebrating back to school time:

The Mighty Apple

Apples are the icon for back to school and all school related things. So why not get creative with some apples? You can cut an apple up into heart shaped pieces or use a food coloring edible ink pen to write a special message to the one you love.

Back to School Care Package

There are lots of things the back to school person needs. For parents, a romantic gift could include Ibuprofen, coffee, and anything else that might be helpful in reducing the back to school stress. (Not that kids going back to school is stressful at all!) For a student, you could consider supplies such as the  College Age Back to School Kit with Essential Supplies featured above in the photo. Teachers also love goodies, so think about what it might be that they need to ease back into the school routine and package it together for a romantic gift basket idea.

Color a Romantic Picture

There are tons of things you can do with coloring book pages. As I’m learning with my son just starting Kindergarden, there’s a lot of coloring going on in school! Pack a picture in his or her backpack or lunch or give it to them to frame to celebrate them going to school. If you don’t feel like coloring a picture, leaving a romantic love note somewhere could be enough also!

Hopefully this short list will give you some ideas on how to incorporate a little romance in heading back to school. A little creativity and playfulness can certainly go a long way! As always, if you have any thoughts or suggestions for some back to school romance, they are more than welcome in the comments below. Don’t forget to take advantage of a little keyword luv as well!

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