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After He’s Been Caught: Should You Stay or Should You Go?

August 28, 2008

This is the fourth and final part of our Is My Man Cheating? series.

After you catch a man cheating on you, you must then decide if it is worth continuing the relationship with him, or if you should take a stand and break up with each other.

In my opinion, you should not stay. I stayed with my ex several times past the point I started to question him, especially because at that time my son was less than a year old. But if you have talks and talks and he never admits to cheating or shows no signs of changing, then it isn’t going to get any better. Had I left him earlier, I would have saved about $1000 that he lost/spent on god only knows what. It can be very scary, especially if you have children or are not sure what you will do on your own. But you have to remember that you deserve respect and honesty – and after you leave it can be very liberating.

If you do decide to continue a relationship after you’ve caught the person cheating, keep in mind it can be also very hard to regain intimacy or closeness together after one of the partners cheat on each other. You will feel a wave of emotions ranging from everything to anger, resentment, betrayal, and hate. You will be suspicious often of what he is really doing. These emotions do not typically foster a healthy loving relationship.

It is possible however, to stay with someone who has been less than honest with you or has cheated, and even possibly have a stronger relationship from it. Be sure that you take some time to consider relationship counseling or read the many self help books available. Below are some books from our Amazon bookshelf you may want to consider reading before you make your decision.

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