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Catch a Man Cheating: A How To Guide

August 27, 2008

This post on how to catch a man cheating is Part 3 in our Is My Man Cheating? series.

If you have recognized some of the signs he is cheating on you, the next step is naturally to catch a man cheating.

Before you catch a man cheating, make sure you that whatever you do does not compromise your safety and that you have planned out exactly how you will react once you have the solid proof that you can use to catch a man cheating. I am warning you now: it can get ugly.

NEVER do anything that would put you or anyone else in a dangerous position or is illegal just for the sake of catching someone cheating on you.

You should also be sure that you have enough conclusive evidence to prove he is cheating. Many things may seem like he is cheating, when he actually may not be. Before you confront him, be sure you have solid proof.

Here are some ways to catch a man cheating:

    1. Find a paper trail: These days finding a paper trail of activities to catch a man cheating is not too difficult. Just about every store will hand out receipts, and if you share accounts together you will be able to see changes in spending. I thought it awfully odd to find a receipt for a dozen of roses in my exes’ pocket from a few weeks ago from the date I found it – seeing how neither I or his mother had received any and surely by then they would have been dead. Look in pockets, their car, the trash. If you want to do this in a way where it won’t seem like you are being a snoop, offer to do their laundry, clean something, or run some errands for him.

    2. Check out their computer/cell phone: While I hate to say go through his computer or cell phone to catch a man cheating, it can often be one of the easiest ways to find out if something unusual is going on. If you really want to be sneaky, try using a keylogging software such as GhostLog or Pc Monitor Keylogger, which will record every keyboard stroke to help you catch a man cheating.

    3. Set Him Up: Depending on the circumstances of how you want to catch a man cheating, another alternative is to set him up. Tell him you are going out of town – then don’t.

    4. Watch His Car: His car can provide a lot of clues to catch a man cheating. From checking his mileage (he said he went to work and back – if the mileage is higher than that, something is up!). If you are not concerned about money to catch a man cheating, you could also try a GPS Vehicle Tracking Device to see where he has been.

    5. Check up on him at work: When a guy says he will be at work, that is where he should be. And chances are he will have no qualms about you showing up with a sandwich or something important he may have forgotten, unless his work is very strict. If you cannot visit, sometimes making a call is all you need. I had to call my ex at work one day to see if he could pick up our son – I talked to his manager and he told me he left about 2 hours ago!

Before you start doing any of these things to catch a man cheating, be sure to read tomorrow’s article on what to do after you catch them and deciding to stay or go. You can Click here to subscribe by email.



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