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Why Marriages Fail

August 19, 2008

There are many reasons why marriages fail. By taking a look at why marriages fail you can help strengthen your own marriage, or if you’re not married yet, be on the lookout for signs for why you should choose your partner carefully.

Here are some of the reasons why marriages fail:

    1. Different views on cultures, lifestyle, family and other social factors: When a couple has a major difference of opinions on a topic – such as having children or family obligations, it can have a huge impact on their ability to stay together forever. A partner may begin to feel resentful towards the disagreeing partner or a wall of distance may come in between them.

    2. Getting married for the wrong reasons: Being blinded by “love”, one of the partners going off to war, tax benefits, or an unplanned pregnancy are all examples of the wrong reasons for getting married. Marriage is about a lifetime commitment of nurturing and supporting one another. It involves a deep commitment and should not be seen as a “solution” for other problems in a relationship.

    3. Financial Problems: Having no money, terrible jobs, and being in debt is one of the leading reasons why marriages fail. The stress of working, raising a family, not being able to have what you want, or the irresponsible spending of another partner all add up to resent, arguments, and anger between couples.

    4. Lack of honesty: When a partner lies about where he or she has been and is doing, it can be very destructive to a relationship. Likewise, it is equally bad to be dishonest about your feelings. Having secrets and lying can destroy all trust between the two of you, setting you up for a pattern of lying and arguing and eventually separation.

    5. Extramarital Affairs: In conjunction with a lack of honesty, having an affair is a sure way to make your marriage fail. In marriage you commit yourself to one person. When you have an affair, you can only give half of the attention and energy to your partner as before. When your partner learns of the affair, he or she may have problems forgiving you, trusting you, or even wanting to touch you again.

    6. Inability to Communicate: Communication is not always the same for everyone, but it is important that partners are able to talk to each other in a way that both feel understood and satisfied about their emotional and physical needs. Without communication, partners become distant and resentful and eventually leads to another reason on why marriages fail.

The good news is that many of these reasons why marriages fail are avoidable. Partners can discuss these things prior to getting married, or if they are experiencing any of these reasons why marriages fail, they can seek the proper care and attention through relationship counseling.

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