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Free Romantic Games for Couples

August 13, 2008

There are a lot of free romantic games couples can play – and no, I don’t mean the “she said she would call” kind of games. I’m talking about the fun kind of games – games like Monopoly or Scrabble.

If you’re looking for some free romantic couples games to play together, here’s a few ideas to get you started:

1.Truth or Dare: No, truth or dare is not just for teenage girls at a sleepover, it can also be a fun free romantic game for couples as well. The game works like this: you ask your partner “truth or dare?” and your partner chooses one. If your partner chooses “truth” then you can ask them a question about anything. (Be careful to not to overly sensitive topics, or it might not end up being much of a game at all!) You can ask things like “what’s your favorite childhood memory?” or “What are 3 things you like about me?” for example. If you partner chooses dare, it’s up to you to come up with a challenge for your partner to do. “I dare you to sing me a love song” or “I dare you to unwrap a starburst in your mouth” are all good examples. It’s up to you how mind or risque the game gets.

2. Strip Anything: Just about any game can be turned into some sort of version where you slowly end up getting naked together. Poker, Go Fish, even Monopoly and Scrabble. All you have to do is set up some ground rules: each person starts with x number of articles of clothing – do this, you lose one article, do that you can gain an article.

3. Roll the Dice: For this game, all you will need is a pair of dice, preferably different colors/styles. On a piece of a paper, make a list of from 1-6 of romantic things (kiss, hug, squeeze, massage, etc.), then make another list from 1-6 of places (kitchen, shoulders, Toes, Bed, etc.) Now each of you taking turns rolls the dice and has to do what the two numbers match up – so going along with our example kiss in the kitchen, massage shoulders, etc.

4. Make Your Own Game Board: Making your own board games is pretty easy to do. All you need is a piece of flat cardboard (or even heavy duty paper like card stock can work) and a marker to draw out a game board. Then on each square, write something like “kiss your partner” or “tell a joke” or “sing a song”. Recycle old game pieces or toys as your game pieces and roll the dice to move from one square to the next. At the end you could put something like “congratulations – you won, now your partner has to do anything you want for the next 10 minutes.

5. Do a Romantic Puzzle: For this free romantic couples game, all you need to do is either assemble the puzzle and write a BIG message on the back, or you can choose to write different sayings and words on each individual piece. Either way, it will be fun to do the puzzle together.



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