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It’s Not Where You Go That Matters, It’s Who You’re With That Counts

July 31, 2008

You’ll know you’ve met the right person when you spend a day at a hospital together and it ends up being a good time.

Last year my husband needed some minor surgery and so ensued all that typical stuff of getting up at the crack of dawn, waiting in the waiting room for hours, and of course lots of misery on his end after the surgery. And yet, anytime that day comes into discussion, we always say the same thing: it was fun.

We did a puzzle together while we waited, watched that terrible hospital TV together and cracked jokes about it, and all said and done it was a pretty good time. Maybe it was all of the heavy pain killers they gave him afterwards, but I think mostly it was just because when him and I are together, it doesn’t matter what we do – we have fun.

We’ve had fun doing all sorts of things people would normally not think of as fun: buying a car, waiting hours at a bank, grocery shopping, building a fence for our garden, cleaning out our garage, sitting in a parking lot, doing absolutely nothing at all as we putter around the house. We’ve also gone to some strange vacation destinations – places most people would not think of as a place to vacation.

To me, this is one of the biggest signs that you are with the right person. To be happy and enjoy yourselves in the most simple of situations or mundane activities (and in our case even painful ones) – it shows that you can handle just about anything that might come your way. It shows that you think positively about your relationship, even if the rest of the world around you is negative.

What do you think? Do you agree that it’s not what you do or where you go that matters – it’s who you’re with that counts? Do you and your partner enjoy each other’s company no matter where you go or what you do?



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