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What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Relationship

July 15, 2008

Sharing the bed together can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. Sometimes your partner might be all cuddled up with you, other times they may become blanket thieves in the night or even push you right out of bed (unintentionally we hope!)

If you’ve ever wondered if how you sleep beside each other at night might give a few clues to your relationship, you could be right.

Here are some common sleep positions that might shed a little light on your relationship:

    Spooning: One of the most commonly known sleep positions, this is where both couples sleep very close together facing the same direction while the outside person puts an arm around you. This sleeping position can be a sign of security/protection (think like sleeping with a teddy bear) and that you are deeply in love with each other.

    Just Touching: This sleep position is most common in couples have been together for a long time. In the just touching sleep position, you and your partner may sleep apart but something is always touching such as your hands or feet. It typically signifies you care about each other deeply but getting a comfortable night’s sleep is important, too.

    Far Apart, Not Touching: This sleep position generally is one associated with partners who feel distant from each other. They may sleep on complete opposite sides of the bed and are often facing in opposite directions. This position may signal that the intimacy aspect of your relationship needs attention or other stressful factors might be affecting your relationship.

    Sleeping Hug: In this position, both partners face each other in a hug. It is the closest of the sleep positions, as you and your partner are directly in connection and view of each other. This position can signal you are very deep in love and are open with each other. It can also get uncomfortable though, so don’t feel like you’re in trouble if you don’t sleep this way all night long.

    The Rest Your Head on the Shoulder Position: This sleeping position is when one partner lies flat on their back and the other partner sleeps resting his or her head on their partner’s shoulder while laying on his or her side. This sleep position usually shows that the partners are comforted by each other and support each other emotionally.

If you and your partner are tossing and turning in bed, don’t worry unless you have other signs of relationship problems. Every person has different sleep styles, so just because your partner and you may have different sleep styles does it mean you don’t have a deep and loving relationship.

It’s also important to remember getting a good night’s rest is the most important – when both partners sleep well they are less likely to be irritable or get into petty arguments.



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