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Romantic 4th of July

July 2, 2008

I don’t know why, but I’ve always considered the 4th of July to be a romantic holiday. You’ve got those fireworks and the ooh-ing and aah-ing and lots of free entertainment, so it’s the perfect conditions for a little romance if you’re looking for some ways to spend the 4th of July with your sweetheart. It’s also the unofficial anniversary of when my husband and I started dating, so I figured a little romance for the 4th of July was in order.

Make Them Something to Smile About: Anytime you make something for somebody, assuming they’re the type that would appreciate it, you automatically gets points for being sweet and romantic. You could make a card, a flag, a picture, a favorite snack. Pretty much anything will work, just give it a little red, white, & blue flair for the 4th of july & write “I love You” or some other sweet sentiment on it and presto – instant romantic 4th of July craft that will make them smile.

Scour Your Newspaper: I can’t think of a single community in the United States that doesn’t have something going on for the 4th of July in a 100 mile radius, so either read your newspaper online or pick one up at the local convenient store and find out what events are going on in your area. From concerts to parades to fireworks displays, you’re sure to find some great and probably even free entertainment for your romantic 4th of July.

Get Sparkly: I love sparklers. So get a couple of boxes and go wild with them. I like the long ones that don’t burn your fingers off though the short ones will work if you’re in a bind. You can draw hearts in the air, write their name, special messages, etc, etc.

Go skinny dipping: You should only go skinny dipping if you can do it without getting caught or in trouble, and preferably if you own your own pool. But take a break from the usual warm weather of the 4th of July and cool off for a quick romantic swim.

Find THE spot for watching fireworks: When my husband and I had our first 4th of July together, we didn’t watch just any usual fireworks display. Where we live there were 4 or 5 different townships having fireworks go off right about at the same time. We sat together in the most amazing spot ever where we could see ALL of them at once. Imagine fireworks going off around you in every direction for over an hour – it’s pretty cool! No matter where you live, spend some time thinking about where the best place to watch fireworks would be. Do you want an awesome view? Some privacy? To be up close to where they are being shot off from? Remember also to bring a blanket to sit on and bugspray!!!

Share some ice cream together: There’s something about sharing ice cream together that is romantic. So don’t make or order two cones – get one. Just make sure you don’t eat it all and your partner gets mad they didn’t hardly get any with this romantic 4th of July idea.

Other things you can do for a more romantic 4th of July:
Hold hands, Snuggle while watching fireworks, work on home improvement projects together (only if you can have fun doing this & don’t just see it as more work!), play a game of badminton or wiffle ball together in the backyard, make a romantic dinner together, go on a romantic picnic, throw water balloons at each other, go boating, visit a lake, take a hike, take a nap – anything you want!

Hopefully this will give you a few ideas on how to have a more romantic 4th of July. If you have any you’d like to share you know where the comment button is, i hope. :)

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