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Loving You is Easy Cause…

June 25, 2008

Why Do We Love Some People But Not Others?

Minnie RipertonYou’re Beautiful…doodadoodadoo…okay, that’s enough of me singing the Minnie Riperton song Loving You is Easy.

The song is fitting however, because in today’s post I’m talking about why loving some people is easier than others. In a perfect world, we would love everybody, wouldn’t we? There would be no fighting, no wars, no crime. And yet, in a realistic world there’s really not a whole lot of love going on. Sure, we might love a few friends, our families, people we date – but there’s also a good chance there is somebody you can think of that you DO NOT LOVE.

Why do we love some people and not others? Why do we think we love people when really it’s not love but other things like lust or selfish love? I can only speculate that it might be some people are just easier to love than others. So what makes some people easier to love?

Here are some of my ideas:

1. Open Mindedness: Can you love a brick wall that bounces everything you throw at it back at you? Probably not. When someone is not open minded, they have a tendency to throw things back at you in a negative way. They make you feel like your opinions don’t matter or are wrong. Being open minded can really help you get along better with others and make it easier to love you.

2. Positive Thinking: Would you rather be stuck on a deserted island with a positive person or a negative person? I’d take the positive person, and chances are you would too, even if you’re not always a positive person yourself. The power of positive thinking is an amazing thing, and can really make you more appealing and lovable to others.

3. Giving: The more you give, the more people will think you are not a selfish greedy jerk like the rest of us. As I’ve said before in previous posts, you don’t have to give a lot to make a difference. Sometimes all it takes it holding the door for someone or offering to get them a glass of water. Giving people are usually favored over stingy people.

4. Willingness: Being ready able and willing can help you get a lot farther in your social skills than being reluctant and unwilling. If you’re the kind of person who likes to answer “no” most of the time, you can make it easier to love you if you’re willing to say “yes” once in awhile. It’s important to balance saying yes and no, as if you say yes too much you’ll likely become overwhelmed, but once in awhile it’s VERY GOOD FOR YOU to do something you don’t want to do!

5. Patience: Patience is something that for a lot of us doesn’t come naturally. It’s not easy to love somebody if you don’t have a lot of patience. Remember that saying “love is patient?” It’s very true. Patience can be defined in a couple of ways, but you’ll find the people who are the most patient with others are a lot easier to love than somebody constantly losing their temper or in a rush.

If you need more ideas on what makes someone easier to love and a more loving person, take a look at somebody YOU LOVE. What traits do you admire about them? What makes loving that person easy? Alternatively, you could think of somebody you DON’T LOVE and what things would make it easier for you to love them.

Any thoughts on what makes some people easier to love than others? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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