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10 Things a Man Values More Than Sex

June 12, 2008

I’ve enlisted my husband Ray to help me write a post for IMBL. He thinks I should write more about sex to help increase my search engine traffic. So, taking his suggestion, I’ve let him take over and write his own article about 10 Things a Man Values More Than Sex. 

In relationships or in casual dating, we always hear the old cliché that all men only care about one thing: sex. This simply isn’t true for all men. There are plenty of other things men care about besides sex and even value MORE than sex in a relationship. Here are some things that I value more than sex in a relationship:

1. Stability: It’s reassuring when a girl says she will be there, she is there. When she says she is going to call, she calls. She doesn’t stand you up or reschedule/cancel the date. If you’re living together, she’s home when she says she’ll be home.

2. Faithfulness: Commitment is a big factor for any relationship. There’s nothing worse than dating someone who is flirting with other guys, acts suspiciously or constantly reminds you someone else is interested in her. A committed girl doesn’t make a man feel like he can be replaced, rather makes him feel irreplaceable.

3. Companionship: No amount of sex can be as good as being with a woman you enjoy spending time with and is good company.

4. Food: A well cooked meal on a regular basis trumps all. Chelle could probably win an award for food that is worst looking and best tasting. But it still makes me glad that when I come home from work she will cook dinner for me.

5. Pampering: Backrubs, massages, and anything else of the sorts. Men love this stuff, even if they won’t admit it. A hot fling that lasts one night doesn’t compare to having the potential of being pampered and fed all day.

6. Being able to play video games, go fishing, and other hobbies. After we gave been fed and pampered, we really like it when a woman lets us play video games and go fishing without a guilt trip. If a woman tried to have sex with us during our fishing and video games we would more than likely be annoyed.

7. Maternal Instincts: Having the knack to take care of the children is a very attractive thing about a woman. It is good to know if she ever becomes a mother she has the natural maternal insticnt and if you already have kids it’s amazing to watch how she could somehow always knows what to do.

8. Sex on Demand: When you’re in a stable and committed relationship, you know that your wife/girlfriend will always be there anytime you need her. Sometimes the mere thought of knowing that the potential for sex is there is greater sometimes than sex itself.

9. Ego-Boosting: Men love to have their egos stroked. Hearing things like “honey the grass looks great” or “you did a good job on that” or “that looks pro” makes your guy feel manly and important. This can do a lot more for a guy than having an intimate escapade.

10. Compassion: A woman who is understanding and supportive is more valuable than sex. There is nothing worse than having the day from hell and being criticized the minute in you walk in the door.

What do you think of my husband’s take on things a man values more than just having sex? (Note the title says “A Man” – not “Every Man”, lol)

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