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Does Anyone Have to Be Single Anymore?

June 9, 2008

This is a guest post by Damien Riley of Postcards from the Funny Farm.

My answer to the title lately has been a resounding: “no.” If someone wants to remain single then that is their right but gon are the days when people can cite lack of prospects as the reason she/he is staying single.

A lady I work with has a daughter who just turned 28. She is single and has a one year old son. I have been hearing from my friend lately about how “all the good men are taken” and if only we could “find someone for her.” Maybe I am just naive but I always wonder why people like her haven’t tried online dating? My friend stated that she felt the format was too dangerous and that the freaks on those services outweigh the real prospects. I had to agree but with a caveat: “It worked for me!” Chances are if you are reading this you know someone who is single and pining or you yourself are. Be forlorn no more: online dating will get you out of the single rut. Note: you should read Chelle’s helpful post of online dating tips as you enter into this realm.

There are many services out there. The one that worked for me and my wife was Yahoo! Personals. I like it because it is local based, meaning you can do searches of your zip code and find people you don’t have to drive hours to meet up with. You simply sign up and start emailing people. Through repeated back and forth you start to find people you click with. From there, you start to date.

If you are a single person, I challenge you with this (because I challenged myself with it years ago): Find one person online you are interested in. Make a date to meet in an open food court area at a mall or something. Put a time cap on it of an hour so you can excuse yourself if it’s going bad. Get that one date in and it could turn into marital bill for the rest of your days!

So, I ask you this question now that you know the answer: Does Anyone Have to Be Single Anymore?

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I’m a teacher and songwriter in California. It's always a pleasure writing for It Might be Love. I married my wife in 2002 and we have 3 kids. You can read more about me at my Google profile here. Get updates on Twitter and on my blog.

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