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Love Haikus for All Occassions

June 3, 2008

Although writing love haikus would seem to be an easy task because they are only 3 lines long, I have never been good at choosing the right words to match the 5 syllable | 7 syllable | 5 syllable format of a traditional love haiku. Since I’m terrible at writing haikus, I decided to enlist the help my blogging friend Tim Fox. Tim sells some very funny t-shirts at and writes a highly entertaining Sogeshirts Blog. Recently he wrote a funny post called Choose Your Own Adventure Haikus. Naturally I had to ask him if he would be interested in writing a few love haikus for IMBL since he clearly has a better knack at it than I do!

Love Haikus for All Occasions:

Love Haiku for a New Relationship
First meeting first kiss
heading for relationship
Love will find a way

Love Haiku for a Passionate Relationship:
Dating for months sweet
Passion consumes us always
Must change sheets often

Love Haiku for an Argument:
First fight occurs now
Love never works smoothly yet
We will be fine still

Love Haiku for Betrayal
Indiscretion now
A jagged shot to the gut
keep all nooses out

Love Haiku After a Bitter Break Up
Broken no repair
happy couples bug me now
Scald them with coffee

Love Haiku for Moving On
At peace with myself
Will find someone better soon
I can smile again

Some are funny, some are sweet – so there’s a love haiku for any situation you might encounter in your relationships! I love the line “scald them with hot coffee!” in the bitter break-up haiku.

Thank you so much Tim for these great love haikus for all occasions. You can learn more about Tim or see some of the great t-shirts he sells by clicking on the banner below. (They are very funny – my personal favorite is the one that says “OMG! Crack! Yay!”)


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