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Mending a Broken Heart

May 13, 2008

Mending a broken heart is not an easy thing to do. We’ve all had our fair share of broken hearts at one time or another. It can be a life changing event for many of us and we often find ourselves facing feelings of rejection, shame, or sadness. Here are some ways to help you with mending a broken heart and get it back in shape to start loving again.

1. Write About It: Writing or drawing can be very therapeutic ways of releasing your emotions and healing a broken heart. Why do you think there are so many poems and songs about broken hearts? Writing can be very effective in mending your broken heart.

2. Talk About It: Talking about your pain or frustrations can also be helpful in getting over a broken heart. Find a close friend or family member you can confide in. If you have no one to talk to, you can always try online forums. I’m an active member at MyLot where there are tons of wonderful people to talk to about your problems. (And you’ll get paid for it there!) Mending a broken heart isn’t always something you can do alone.

3. Redefine Yourself: When we’re in a long term relationship we tend to lose a little of our identities. Now is the time to get back to being you through your favorite hobbies and activities or things you didn’t do because you were with your ex. You’ll start feeling more like yourself again and your hobbies will help you keep your mind off the broken heart.

4. Avoid turning to alcohol or drugs: Taking drugs or drinking is not the solution to mending a broken heart. Sure it would be nice to be able to take a pill and watch our troubles disappear but chances are it will only make them worse. You might feel good for an hour or two, but you’ll feel twice as down when the buzz wears off. Stay sober while mending a broken heart.

5. Pamper Yourself: Go to a massage parlor, indulge in a little ice cream, get a new hair cut, or do other things that will make you feel good. It’s okay to splurge once in awhile and enjoy the “finer things” in life. A little pampering can go a long way in mending a broken heart.

6. Surround Yourself With Positive People: Happiness is contagious, so if you surround yourself with positive friends, it can greatly help you see the brighter side of life. Catch up with old friends or meet new friends that make you feel good about life again.

7. Exercise: Playing a sport, taking a bike ride, or going jogging are all ways to release some of that pent-up negative energy. You can also take classes on kickboxing or aerobics which might be a fun way to meet new people and exercise as well. Exercise is also good not only for mending a broken heart but keeping your body heart healthy as well.

8. Recognize the Signs of Depression: Sometimes sadness can last for weeks, months, or even years. If you find that your sadness is not going away, it too overwhelming to handle, or you have no desire to do activities you once enjoyed, don’t be afraid to seek professional help. Many insurance companies will even cover part or all of mental health services. Sometimes mending a broken heart is not enough to help you get back on track again.

It’s never easy dealing with a broken heart but hopefully by following some of these tips for mending a broken heart will help you start feeling better and reclaiming yourself again soon!

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