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An Odd Collection of 100 Unpopular Love Songs

May 4, 2008

Update: This list of alternative love songs which I’ve so lovingly titled as my odd collection of 100 unpopular love songs is ironically actually one of the most popular posts on IMBL. So popular, it prompted me to write another post of 100 More Alternative Love Songs – so be sure you check that one out as well!

Searching for the perfect love song is no easy task. There are thousands of them – some happy, some sad, some classic, others just plain weird. Since many people are looking for songs to make mix tapes and for weddings, I’ve decided to start a series on It Might Be Love featuring playlists of some of my personal favorite love songs.

I have what I would call an acquired eclectic taste in music – which means I like a lot of things a lot of people probably wouldn’t. I am also constantly searching for new and obscure music. So my first playlist in this series is a somewhat odd collection of love songs for people who don’t gravitate to the popular love songs that you hear constantly on the radio. Some are a little odd or a bit of a stretch, but they’re all somehow related to love.

If you think I’m missing any “unusual love songs” feel free to post them in the comments – I do have this nagging feeling I forgot a few for this list. I’ll be bringing you some more “traditional” love songs in the next few weeks. :)

If you’re looking for more music, you may also enjoy my list of 100 Classic Rock Songs and 100 Sad Love Songs for some more great music you might enjoy!

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