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55 Unique Places to Leave Love Notes

April 21, 2008

Love notes are one the easiest and quickest ways to show your partner you’re thinking of him or her. Here are 55 places you can leave a love note and surprise him or her!

1. A lunchbox
2. The bathroom mirror – can also use lipstick or fog it up if you’re feeling really creative!
3. Spread shaving cream on a table and write “I Love You” in the shaving cream.
4. Tape a note to their coffee or tea if they drink either regularly
5. Put one of those notes in the wiper of their car
6. Or tape it to the steering wheel
7. Put in their tool box
8. After you do laundry, stick in one of their pants or shirt pockets
9. Or leave it at the bottom of the laundry basket if they fold all the clothes
10. Put it in their shoes
11. Tape it to the showerhead or faucet
12. Put it on the dishwasher
13. Or the refrigerator
14. On their computer screen
15. You could also be sneaky and program their screensaver to say it.
16. Their briefcase or purse
17. On the cover of a book they are reading or you could place it at the end if you know they will read the whole book
18. On the alarm clock
19. Attach it to their phone
20. In their pajamas or pillowcase
21. Inside a DVD they will watch
22. In your “junk drawer”
23. Inside their wallet
24. On the ceiling above your bed
25. On a doorknob
26. Attach it to their keychain
27. Mail it to them
28. Make them a banner and hang it in a place they’ll see it
29. On his bar of soap or shampoo (You might want to put it in a plastic bag so you know they’ll see it before it gets wet!)
30. In the middle of the floor
31. As a place card where they sit for dinner
32. On their bike handle
33. Inside a glove or hat
34. On the coffee pot or tea kettle
35. In a box of something they’ll eat in the fridge
36. If they smoke, inside a pack of cigarettes.
37. Send an email they can read at work
38. Send it to their phone as a text message
39. On the TV
40. Or their remote
41. In between the couch cushions
42. In a sock
43. Under the brim on his or her hat
44. In the silverware drawer
45. Inside a cup
46. On the back of a cupboard or closet door
47. On the handle of their car
48. On the grill
49. Tape it on top of the garbage cans
50. Write it out with food if you are making dinner or dessert (Whipped cream out of a can works well!)
51. On the sidewalk or driveway with sidewalk chalk
52. Attach the notes to your kids
53. Or leave it with one of their stuffed animals or toys
54. In their notebook or journal
55. On a sign on a window or door they will see.

Where do you leave love notes for your partner? Have any ideas we should add to this list? Share them below!

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