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I Would Love You Even if You Were An Alligator

April 17, 2008

alligators in loveImagine if somehow by magic tomorrow your partner turned into an alligator. Would you be terrified if you woke up to see an alligator laying in your bed? Or would you roll over and kiss them like you do every morning?

Your partner as an alligator still has all of the same personality characteristics. Except now he or she can’t talk, weighs around 800 pounds, and is 13 feet long. Assume he/she won’t eat you because the he/she still loves you. Would you stick by your partner or be packing up your belongings?

I’m sure no one will be turning into an alligator tomorrow morning. But this question illustrates a very important point: Can you stick through it with your partner no matter what happens?

We encounter many difficult situations in our daily lives. There are the usual stresses of finances, balancing work, taking care of the kids…then there are things that may or may not be in our control that will turn your whole life upside down in the blink of an eye: a major car accident, diagnosis of a terminal illness, loss of a job, alcoholism or drug abuse, natural disasters and the like. We see these things on the news all the time: What do you do when they happen to you?

If your partner were to become paralyzed for example, your whole dynamic of life would be different. You may need to alter your home or even move into a new home completely. You would have to care for things your partner used to. Your sex life and the way you would communicate would change drastically as well.

When we get married, it is usually in our vows “in sickness and in health, for better or for worse…” and yet the moment worse comes around the corner we feel like running away. It is very difficult for either partner to be strong in time of crisis. And when life is going smoothly, we rarely worry about these things happen. Unfortunately, that’s often when they do – completely catching us off guard and throwing our emotions into the tilt-a-whirl ride at the amusement park.

This is why it is so very important to know how you would handle a crisis or emergency situation before it happens. It is also a very good test in knowing if your partner is someone you should marry or can love forever no matter what happens. A strong relationship will survive anything. A weak one will crumble at the hint of disaster.

So look closely at your partner next time you see him or her. Imagine they are an alligator. Think how everyday would be different forever. What tactics would you use to make sure you stay in love then? Would you give your alligator a bath? Scratch it’s tummy? Feel resentful now you are responsible for all of the household chores? Be aggravated that you have to feed the alligator or it can’t watch the kids anymore? Would you use humor to get through the difficult time? Seek counseling? Cry your eyes out each night?

If you would still love your partner if he or she became an alligator, then you can be confident you have what it would take to survive a catastrophe. Be thankful for every day and moment you have together.

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