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Secrets of The Cube…A Game About Self-Knowledge

April 16, 2008

About 10 years ago I stumbled across an interesting and enlightning book called Secrets of the Cube. The Cube is an ancient game, supposedly originating from Sufi or possibly Greek cultures. The game Secrets of the Cube asks you to visualize different elements to paint a picture in your mind. Your answers reveal your inner feelings about yourself, your life, your relationships, and more.

The book begins like this:

Imagine a desert landscape.

It is utterly simple.

A horizon line.

Sand. Sky.

From here the Secret of the Cube takes you on an imaginative quest of a cube, a ladder, a horse, a storm, and finally a flower in the desert. Each of these items you imagine and describe as much as you can. At the end of the book it reveals how each of these items shows the way you feel about different aspects of your life.

Secrets of the Cube was honestly one of the most interesting things I ever did to try and get a better understanding of myself and my feelings. The biggest draw back of course is you can honestly only play Secrets of the Cube Once once. Once you’ve learned what each element represents you are no longer able to do it 100% subconciously.

If you haven’t played it, DO NOT READ ABOUT IT ONLINE UNTIL YOU DO! I was looking for some more info on it and was very disappointed to see Wikipedia “spill the beans” on what everything means in Secrets of the Cube. It is something you can do by yourself, with your partner, or at a party with your friends.

If I had to do this activity again, I would probably envision my cube landscape to look something like this:

You can find the book at the library or just about any bookseller. I personally am an Amazon enthusiast :)

(It’s also a great price if you decide to buy it – tell me where else would you find such great entertainment for $7?)

If you’ve played Secrets of the Cube game before, I would love to hear your experience and see your pictures of your desert landscape. If you’d like to share them, send them to me and I will display them on here with a link back to your site in a future post.

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