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10 Tricks So Your Wife Will Let You Go Fishing

April 14, 2008

My husband suggested today I write about what he has to do so I will let him go fishing. I let him go fishing anytime he wants. His fishing buddies are not so lucky – their wives HATE IT when they go fishing. So I figured why not? I’ll tell you what he does that makes me let him go fishing anytime he wants.

10 Tricks So Your Wife Will Let You Go Fishing (Or whatever other hobby you have that she objects to)

1. Be nice to her all the time. Not just for a day or a week. But everyday and every week. Being nice means not yelling at her when she accidently messed up the project you spent the last two hours working on.
2. Help out around the house. Scrub the kitchen floor and bathtub and do whatever other chores she hates. Take out the trash without needing to be reminded. It helps if you put your clothes & towels away also.
3. Tell her you will watch the kids for an hour or two while she does whatever she wants to do.
4. Call her while you are at work just to say hi and I love you.
5. Offer to take her fishing just the two of you sometime or go out on a date.
6. Make dinner for her some night, even if it is just mac n cheese.
7. Kiss her when you leave and as soon as you come back and before you fall asleep.
8. Give her a backrub after a hard long day
9. Don’t complain about having to visit your in-laws and save your wife from having to deal with yours.
10. Let her sleep in some morning.

There you have it, 10 tricks to letting your wife go fishing pretty much anytime you want. Sound impossible? It’s not. My husband does all of these things and I will let him go out fishing anytime he wants. How could you tell a guy he can’t go when he does all these nice things for you all the time? You can’t. I let him go fishing, he goes out with his friends, he is allowed to watch as much football he wants, etc. etc.

Some might be afraid if they started doing all of these things their wife would think something is wrong with them or that they are having an affair. For others, it just might be too hard. That’s okay. You don’t have to do it all at once. Start by doing each thing little by little. If you started today you can be fishing in a few weeks guilt and hassle free. The trick is pretty simple: the more you give, the less likely your wife is to complain.

If you are doing all these things for your wife and she still won’t let you go fishing, then make her read this. If your hubby does all these things for you, you should let him have some time to enjoy himself and his favorite hobby. He deserves it!

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