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Does Your Relationship Have Courage?

April 4, 2008

courageWhen we think of traits a relationship should have, we typically think of the usual things like communication, trust, honesty, affection…but what about courage? Does your relationship have courage and how can you find it?

Courage is the ability to face problems, opposition, or even danger without fear. We often associate courage with things like bravery and knights in shining armor or superheroes. But the truth is all of us need to have a little courage to be successful in our relationships. Having courage will help you avoid a slew of problems later down the road.

Having courage in a relationship means being able to tell your partner you don’t like something. It means you aren’t afraid to tell them the truth. Courage gives you the strength to be supportive of your partner. Courage also helps you be brave enough to deal with problems that may cross your path in a relationship – be it financial difficulty, disagreements, stressful situations or decision making.

If you find yourself keeping your thoughts to yourself or dodging important issues about your relationship, you do not have courage. You may not even be aware that you are doing these things on a daily basis. But if you often feel resentment towards your partner or you feel as if many problems are unresolved, it is time to start on a journey to find more courage.

Finding courage begins with looking at the things you need courage for. Do you need to speak your mind more? Confess your wrong-doing? Make an important decision? Confront a fear? Look at the issues youmust face objectively. List all of the worst things that could happen to you. Then list all of the good things that could happen to you. Compare the two and keep looking at the positive list until you no longer feel so unsure.

Maybe there isn’t anything right now in your life you need courage for, but you would like to practice being able to find it if needed. The key to this is to begin by stepping out of your comfort zone a little each day. Often we get wrapped up in things we think we need, our routines or other avoidance behaviors. Do something each day you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Maybe start the morning without a cup of coffee. Take a different route to work. Try a new recipe for dinner. By adding some spontaneity to your life, you can find more courage.

It isn’t always easy to practice courage. It’s not something that comes automatically or naturally to most of us. By doing a little each day you can find the courage you and your partner both need for a healthy relationship.

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