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Kill the Spiders…Be a Hero to Your Wife!

April 3, 2008

spiderSomewhere in the unwritten law of husband responsibilities, there are things that the “man of the house” is expected to do. One of these things is to become an exterminator. You may not realize it, but the minute a man gets married it becomes his duty to be the hero and remove that spider, bumble bee, or other unwelcome critter scampering across the kitchen floor.

While most spiders are harmless and actually do more good than harm, most of us don’t like them crawling on our walls or making their home in the corner of the basement ceiling. Something about those 8 legged creatures makes us feel uneasy as wives. And sure, we are more than capable to find the nearest shoe or phonebook and make sure that spider never bothers us again.

But there is a hidden perk in being the husband that gets rid of the spiders and other critters: You have a chance to prove your ability to protect and defend your wife. She can play the “damsel in distress” card and you can chalk up the moment to be a hero. Your wife will be forever thankful she didn’t have to do it. Not to mention it will remind her how great it is to have you around.

So next time your wife starts shrieking at a harmless bug that’s bothering her, don’t see it as another chore or something she should learn to do for herself. Go take care of that spider and show your wife that you love her. (You don’t even have to hurt it – my bug loving hubby simply catches and releases them away from our house!)

A special thank you to Tricia Urlaub for writing 7 Promises Ever Husband Should Make that reminded me how glad I am my husband steps up to the plate and plays exterminator anytime I need him to. It’s a great article – so go read it!

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