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When’s the Last Time You Held Someone’s Hand?

March 27, 2008

baby handWe start our life reaching out and grasping to touch something and often we find a hand. As babies we curl our fingers around that hand and hold as tightly as we can.

It is not uncommon to see a parent holding their child’s hand as the child learns to walk, when the cross the street, if they’re in a crowded place.

As we grow older, we might start holding someone’s hand as a sign of affection or to display our togetherness for all to see.

We might hold hands with a complete stranger during a church or prayer service.

We may grab onto someone’s hand for comfort, for security, protection when something frightens us or makes us feel insecure.

The human hand is one of the most amazing parts of our bodies, and yet many of us take our hands for granted.

Think of the things you’ve touched with your hands, all the things you have made, all of the music in this world that has been created, all the things that have been written… There are so many things we have held in our hands, from car keys to cell phones to flowers. Even now as I’m typing this on my keyboard I am using my hands.

Holding someone’s hand is a powerful act that is simple to do and can symbolize many things: strength, support, connection, togetherness, affection, guiding…

Today I want you to hold someone’s hand. You don’t have to hold it for very long. Just a few minutes. You can hold anyone’s hand: the hand of a child, the hand of a friend, your partner, your neighbor, maybe even a stranger you barely know.

If people seem to be reluctant to hold your hand, ask them to watch this public service announcement video that tells people to let your friend hold your hand. This video may offend some people, so if you’re squeamish about hand holding or mild language, you may not want to watch it.

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