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Unique Gift Ideas Using a Picture Frame

March 26, 2008

It can tough trying to find a meaningful gift for someone. It’s hard to make something if you’re not crafty or artistic or without it coming across as cheap. It’s also hard to buy a gift that has personal meaning to someone as well. Here’s a great idea for a meaningful gift using picture frames that can be used for anyone: a gift for your friend, your partner, your kids, your parents…it’s the Souveneir Picture Frame.

You will need:

  • 1 picture frame, any size, shape or color. You can get picture frames anywhere cheap – the dollar store, discount stores, recycled out of your closet, even the thrift store.
  • Momentos that are flat and will fit inside a picture frame
  • Glue or Tape (Whatever kind is fine)
  • Directions:

    1. First remove the glass from the frame
    2. Next arrange the momentos in the frame
    3. Use glue or tape to keep the items from sliding around. (Note: You do not need a lot of glue – the glass will hold it in place for the most part.)
    4. Place the glass back in the frame and voila! Instant unique gift!

    Need ideas for what momentos to use? Pick from any of these themes and go from there:

    • First Date: Parking Stub, Reciept, Program, Ticket Stub, Gum Wrapper, Small pictures of sights seen or places visited, menu, placemat, etc…
    • Friend: Anything related to a personal joke or special memory you shared together. Wrappers, pictures, ticket stubs, something he/she likes, etc…
    • Mom/Dad/Family: Picture of you together as a younger kid or baby, copy of something you achieved because of them, a funny memory or place you went together…
    • Wedding: Invitation, program, pictures, favors, quotes from the song you danced to…
    • Special Trip/Event: Ticket stubs, programs, map, pictures, etc…
    • Graduation: Personal Jokes from school, homework, pictures, favorite things, popular trends, stuff from clubs, etc.
    • For more great ideas on other things you can stuff into a picture frame, visit my article on
      Associated Content. You’ll find plenty of other ideas for inspiration!

      Enjoy! If you have any other great ideas, feel free to post them in the comments below!

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