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How to Write A Love Poem: Simple Love Poem Formulas

March 25, 2008

At some point in life there are times you may feel so inclined to write a love poem, but maybe you are just not a natural born poet. Maybe you try expressing how you feel and it just doesn’t come out right or get stuck on trying to make words rhyme.

The good news is, writing a love poem can be done easily by anyone if you follow a few simple and popular love poem formulas. Here are some popular love poem formulas you can use to write a special poem for someone you care about:

The Acrostic Poem
In an acrostic poem, you choose a word, spell it down the page vertically and begin each sentance with a letter from the word. For example:

Just in case you weren’t sure I should tell you
Even though I’m sure you already know
Nothing in this world do I love more
Nothing else I need except

The Bio Poem
This type of poem you just need to fill in the blanks to create your poem

First Name
Four traits that describe character
Roles (wife, mom, friend, husband, listener, etc)
Lover of (three things or people
Who feels (three items)
Who needs (three items)
Who fears (three items)
Who gives (three items)
Who would like to see (three items)
Nickname or repeat first name

For Example:
Funny, thoughtful, sincere, and sweet
Friend, listener, companion, dreamer
Lover of cats, Led Zeppelin, and chocolate
Who feels ready, prepared, and light
Who needs a hug, a kiss, a vacation
Who fears spiders, heights, and dentists
Who gives laughter, friendship, and time
Who would like to see orchids bloom, world peace, and snow in August

Cinquain Poem
A cinquain poem follows this poem format:

One word title
Two words describing title
Three words that describe an action
Four words that describe a feeling
One word that gives an effect

For Example:
adoring hearts
tickling each other
in a happy amazement

Sensory Poem

Choose an emotion
Line 1 – Tell what color the emotion is
Line 2 – Tell what the emotion sounds like
Line 3 – Tell what it tastes like
Line 4 – Tell what it smells like
Line 5 – Tell what the emotion looks like
Line 6 – Tell how it makes you feel.

For example:
Love is orange sometimes
sounding like a noisy bell
tasting like fruit punch
it smells like the sky
it looks like a castle
It makes you want to climb a mountain.

See? Writing love poems aren’t so hard afterall! Anyone can have fun writing a love poem with these great love poem ideas!

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