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Creative Ways to Say Thank You

March 24, 2008

Looking for creative ways to say thank you? Saying thank you is one of the easiest things to do for someone else…and yet so many people neglect to show their appreciation for someone. Sometimes saying thank you alone is enough, other times it may come across as insincere, which is why we’ve put together a few creative ways to say thank you to someone.

1. The Handwritten Card in the Mail: This is an old classic, but still valuable. I once wrote a handwritten card to someone who still months later raves about how sweet it was that I sent it to her! People are less likely to forget your thanks if you write it down. This creative way to say thank you is appropriate for all ages and situations.

2. Make a video: As it becomes easier and easier to make videos with webcams, cellphones, digital cameras and more, a video thank you is a great way for someone to see how much you appreciate what they did for you. This one might not work for everyone, so be sure you choose it for someone who enjoys videos or is technologically savvy.

3. Send a personalized email: Using Microsoft Outlook or other similar email clients, you can choose custom backgrounds, fonts, or pictures to express your thanks. This one is most appropriate for work environments or other situations you are thanking a large group of people who collaborated together on something.

4. Personalize something different: Oriental Trading Company at orientaltrading is one of my favorite sites and they feature many great inexpensive things you can personalize and use as creative ways to say thank you. They have a multitude of stationary products, toys, gifts…you can personalize everything from a rubber ducky to teddy bear to candy mints to tell someone thank you.

5. Send a flower: It doesn’t have to expensive or elaborate – you can send anything from a gerber daisy to a single yellow rose. House plants also make great thank you gifts as well. The best thing about sending flowers is you can order them online and have them delivered the same or next day!

6. Wrap a note around a favorite food of the person you are thanking. Maybe they have a favorite candy bar or love trail mix or have a weakness for chocolate chip cookies. Whatever it may be, a quick thank you note attached to their food is a great way to show your appreciation.

7. Make a banner or sign that says “Thank You” and place it in a place they will see it. If you live with this person, you could place the sign on the bathroom mirror or refrigerator door. If you work with the person you could place it at the water fountain or elevator or wherever else they may see it.

8. Give the person a hug. A hug costs nothing to give, but it is a very effective way of showing your appreciation and excitement.

9. Write a letter to the person’s boss or employer. This is great if you’d like to thank the bus boy who regularly clears your plates at the restaurant you frequently eat at or a sales clerk who really went above and beyond and not only spent a half an hour scrutinizing products with you but loaded them into your car, too. Many companies will reward employees for excellent service. And it REALLY means a lot to the person who helped you when they are recognized and appreciated at work!

10. Host a party if it seems appropriate. Order pizza, decorate with balloons, invite everyone you would like to thank. This is a great way to reward your team members or co-workers or a special person like mom who deserves a special event for all that she’s done!

11. Send a Balloon: Balloons are great for making people feel special and appreciated. You can also order Balloons online and have them delivered the same or next day!
There are many creative ways to say thank you and show someone you appreciate what they’ve done for you. Have any other creative ways to say thank you? Share them in the comments below.

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