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Writing Magnetic Profiles to Attract Your Next Date

March 21, 2008

If you’re thinking about trying online dating, your profile is everything. It is your 30 second commercial to potential dates. Here are some tips to make a profile that attracts other members and ultimately the right match for you:

1. Start with good photos. You don’t want a photo that is from 5 years ago, looks like you just rolled out of bed, or shows you half naked. You’ll also want to avoid posting a picture of you with friends, as this can intimidate your potential matches as well. Choose a picture that reflects who you are. Don’t wear a cowboy hat in it if you hate country music, for example.

2. Avoid cliches. How many times have you heard “I enjoy long walks on the beach”? Stay away from phrases that are commonly used and seem generic. Instead talk about what you do, your personality characteristics, and what you are hoping for in a relationship.

3. Replace “I” with “You”. Taking the focus off yourself can do wonders to attract another member. Instead of writing “I like to go fishing” write “Do you like to go fishing? Then we will have fun together.” People always ask “what’s in it for me?” so this will answer that question for them instead of boring them with facts about yourself.

4. Be Positive. Avoid using negative words on your profile. Try your best not to seem too judgemental, whiny, or complaining. Being positive and upbeat will help you attract other positive and upbeat people.

5. Stay Honest. You don’t want to make up an elaborate career or talk about hobbies you know nothing about. Being phony might you get you a first date, but it won’t get you a second one. If you want to be fair to yourself and have a successful online dating experience it’s crucial to stick to the facts.

These 5 simple tips will help you attract the attention of your potential matches. If you haven’t chosen a site yet or are looking to expand your horizons and join additional sites, check out our Online Dating Resources Page where we’ve reviewed the most popular 100% free and Free to Try sites.

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