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Mushy Junk…Or Sincerely Sweet?

March 10, 2008

When it comes to being romantic, there is a fine line on the romantic scale between what I classify as “Mushy Junk” and “Sincerely Sweet”.

“Mushy Junk” classifies the majority of all stereotypical romantic ideas. Things like a dozen (and beyond for some of the overly zealous mushy junksters) of red roses or a box of chocolates or some sappy love poem rhyming words like “bay, day, say, way” in a frame.

“Sincerely Sweet” classifies the romantic ideas people wouldn’t normally think of under most circumstances. They are the romantic tips that “keep love fresh and exciting”, though we wouldn’t put it this way because that’s entirely too cliched.

At any rate, we thought we’d put a few of the “Sincerely Sweet” romantic ideas together for you to keep in mind for reference next time you feel like doing something romantic.

Become an Artist: You don’t have to be good at drawing or painting or at design to woo your love with art.  Hand drawn stick figures are perfectly acceptable. For example, my husband is a reknowned for being really horrible at drawing. But his pictures (usually accompanied by “thought bubbles”) always make me smile.  If you don’t want to draw though, you can always find a picture online to share. The other day I sent him a picture of two goldfish I found online in his email…he loved it!

Express Your Love in Music: When I was growing up, when you liked someone or they liked you back, they made you a “mixed tape”.  I don’t know anyone who actually still has a tape player or would want to sit there and go to the excruciating lengths of trying to make one today, but fortunately you can burn a CD or put together some mp3’s pretty easily now. You can get songs from either your own collection of CD’s or download them from Pick either just your favorite songs, or songs that remind you of them, or whatever. Music always helps bring people closer.

Do The Person a Favor: The more your sweetheart hates doing it, the better it will be for you to do it. My husband LOVES it when I take out the trash. How silly most people would think, but it really does tell him I love him when I do something for him that he’s been dreading. So see what kind of favors you could do – maybe a chore, help with an errand, give the other person a break – whatever it may be, it will say more than words.

Present-In-A-Box: Little things with meaning collected together always make for a nice surprise gift. If you watch “The Office” at all, Jim’s tea pot gift to Pam is a great example. He gave her a teapot filled with little things that meant something special to them – things like a ketchup packet. THAT is romantic.

Surprise Adventures: If you give the other person notice (don’t make any plans on Saturday, I have a surprise for you), this can really work out well. Basically you take him or her somewhere special without them knowing the destination. It can be a park, a lake, an overnight get-a-way to a nearby town. Whatever it is, it’s a great way to get out of the usual routine and will leave you both feeling refreshed. If you’d rather not go to the great lengths of trying to plan a trip by yourself or have a picky partner, give them a travel book (readily available for free at just about any travel agency such as AAA) and tell them to pick a place and a date.

If You MUST Give Flowers: Pick something unusual or original. A cactus. A purple tulip in a vase. Bamboo, orchids, Bonsai Trees…you get the point…Roses seem trite after awhile, especially if you’re a girl and have received them from many people. Go for something boldly different. My husband gave me a jade plant for Valentine’s Day one year. I love this little house plant. Not only does it require so little maintenance I often wonder if it’s plastic, it is something I’ve been able to keep for more than just a few weeks.

These are just a few ideas for starters – but our main point is this: It is possible to be romantic without being a wimp. :)

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