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Is Being a Slob Hurting Your Relationship?

March 10, 2008

Let’s face it: Nobody is perfect. From time to time we may be guilty of leaving dirty clothes on the floor, letting our dishes build up in the sink, saving our chores for “later” and maybe forgetting to throw out the box when you ate the last pop-tart.

While these little annoyances may seem like no big deal to most people, one of the biggest complaints of wives is “I feel like a maid!” and “Why won’t my husband clean up after himself?”

So, if you’re guilty of not cleaning up after yourself like many people are, take some extra time this week to NOT be a slob. Put those dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher instead of leaving them by the couch. Make sure every article of clothing makes it into the laundry basket. Don’t pretend you’re a basketball star when you aim for the garbage can. Wipe down the bathroom sink when you’re done using it. Hang your towels back up instead of piling them up on the floor. Don’t leave a stack of mail or papers on the kitchen counter.

Try it for one week and see if your partner notices the difference. If they do, you might have been hurting yourself by making your partner resent how much he or she has been cleaning up after you! A little can go a long way!

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