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How We Met Stories

March 9, 2008

sharpjpg.jpgIt is always interesting to hear how people have met their current spouse or partner. Sometimes they meet by chance encounters, sometimes at work, often they are introduced by mutual friends or some use online dating services like or

I can thank a Sharpie Marker for introducing me to my husband.  He needed a marker one day, and I just so happened to be in the right place at the right time and had a brand new sharpie marker in my pocket. I was very skeptical to let him bororw it, people always steal pens or markers without realizing it and you never see them again…but he very coyly wrote down my name and number and promised he would give it back:) Sure enough I did get it back the next day and soon we became friends and started dating a few months later.

Do you have a “how we met story” to share? Feel free to post a comment with your story or send it to and we will feature it in a post.

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