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Do You Spend Too Much Time Online?

March 8, 2008

Just about everyone has used the internet by now at some point. Just last week I helped a 70 year old woman download some of her favorite songs off! (To read more about that, click here)

The problem occurs when our daily life is impacted by the amount of time we spend online. Maybe you belong to one too many social networking sites, or are constantly researching information. It becomes evident you spend too much time online when you find you would rather sit on your computer all day instead of leaving the house. Sometimes you’d prefer to interact with your online friends more than your “real-life” friends.

Beyond the health effects and consequences of using your computer too much, it can seriously hurt our relationships and friendships.

If you find yourself spending more than 2 hours attached to your computer each day, try to limit yourself to how much time you spend online. Go outside and take a walk or visit a nearby attraction. Catch up on reading or housework or call and visit an old friend.

Taking these much needed breaks will not only enhance your off-line life, but will help you regain focus next time you go online. Remember, moderation is always the key :)

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