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Is My Partner the One? 5 Easy Ways to Tell

March 6, 2008

Here are 5 easy ways to test if the person you are dating is the one you might want to consider spending the rest of you life with.

1. Your partner always listens to you, no matter what it seems you have to say. They do not interrupt or criticize, they just listen.

2. Your partner and you share similar views on important issues including ethics, values, the future, family, friends, and anything else where disagreeing opinions may not make for everlasting happiness.

3. Your partner is aware of all of your flaws and you are aware of your partner’s and nothing is “too much” to keep you from loving them anyway.

4. You and your partner share at least 3 activities you both enjoy doing together.

5. Your partner do not experience jealousy or distrust.

6. Your partner and you are good at problem solving.

If you can honestly say you and your partner can meet all 6 of these, then you may just be lucky enough to have found “the one”.

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